HeareApp consists of a website, where you create the route and the application on your iPhone. Both the application and website are easy to use. If you have any comments or wishes for the app, please use the form on the contact page.

How to make a route and share the code

  1. Go to the Create page.

  2. Draw a route on the map. Be sure to set a point everytime the route changes direction. Remember that you will walk from point to point guided by one of the sounds in the preferences section of the app.

    • You can drag points to a different location by left-clicking and holding your mouse button. If you want to delete a point, left-click once and it wil disappear.

    • The HeareApp site may asks if it can use your current location. When selecting ‘yes’, the map is being centrated to your current location and you can easily create a route from that point. Otherwise, at the ‘Find’ button you can enter a location, when you want your hike to start from a different point for example. You can always zoom in and out on the map.

  3. Give your route a name and a description and select the type of route you created. Remember to give clear instructions if the route is for people who are blind. How can the get there, what should they be aware of, how do they get home from the endpoint?

  4. Save your route: Clicking ‘save route’ will save your route to the system and generate a code

  5. Remember the code: Write down the code that is generated. This is the code with your route. You can use it in the app and share it with all your friends, or just with that special one...

Alternative input: If you have coordinates from another program you can import them in the accessible alternative inputfields. Please use comma separated coordinates. Be careful not to overload hikers with points.

Using the App

There are two buttons in the application’s home screen, ‘Route’ and ‘Preferences’.

After clicking ‘Route’ you’ll be able to choose from online, my routes and code.

  • Online: here you’ll find routes selected by the app team accessible for everyone.

  • My routes: these are your saved routes. If you enter a code, you can choose to save the route to your iPhone. That way you do not need internet connection when you start the route.

  • Code: if you received a code, enter here and press search. The app will then open the route.

Click to select a route: You’ll then see a screen with information about the route and a start button.

Press 'start' to commence the route. You will hear the app say: 'Begin'. There are a few possibilities to know what direction to go:

  • Use the arrow on the screen so see the direction of the next point.

  • Tap the compass to hear the guidedog bark (or another sound from the Preferences menu).

  • Without headphones: you can use the click sound from the compass to orientate.

  • Press skip if you want to skip a waypoint, or back if you want to go back to the menu. The app remembers your last waypoint so don’t hesitate to use other apps or your phone during the walk.

If you want to change settings, go to the 'Preferences menu'. You can choose from more guidance and different sounds.

  • More guidance: turn this on if you want more audio feedback during the walk. Remember that you can also tap the screen anytime to listen to the direction of the sound of just listen to the clicks of the compass. When walking a route with 'more guidance' turned off, you will only hear the clicks from the compass and you’ll only hear the 3d audio when you tap the screen. When more guidance is on you will hear the dog bark when you divert from the route too much. The dog will bark from the location you need to be heading towards.

  • Change sound: You can choose another sound if you do not like the dog.