Use your ears to hear where you go from here.

Make your own 3d audio route here and instantly use it in the app. Guide people to your office, home or to tonights secret party. Or select one of the routes made by our selected partners. Let 3d audio guide you to your next destination. Even blind people can use it.

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Vereniging Bartimeus Sonneheerdt

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Get started immediately on our "create" page. Make a route in seconds and share it instantly for use in the app.

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Routes created until now: 893

Why this application?

Maybe because standard navigation apps feel too limiting for you. You don't want to turn left after 50 meters, but immediately. You don't want to walk around the park, but through it. Use the website to create a 3d audio route in seconds, write down the code and use it in the app. Depending on the quality of GPS even blind people can now go off-the-road and boldly lead their guide dog where they have not gone before (but remember not to forget your common sense and be careful).